Where did it all begin?

CrochetedByParis began when Paris decided that she couldn’t find a hat that suited her, so she took it upon herself to make her own.

Paris taught herself to crochet by watching tutorials online, she then began to make more and more products. At first they were things like blankets for new babies in the family and hats for friends, until someone told her that she should sell her products.

Although at first she thought no one would buy her products, after setting up a website she generated more and more customers who were so pleased with their items they recommended them to their friends and families.

Since then, Paris has used her abilities to do a variety of things, not only does she sell her items, she also creates items for charity. Paris has been known to create red noses for Comic Relief and Poppies for Remembrance day. She also makes hats for premature babies and donates them to her local hospital when she has time.


Free shipping is available for all orders over £60, so what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


CrochetedByParis specialises in making custom orders, so when you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request to have it made.


CrochetedByParis products are all handmade meaning that they have been completed to a high quality and are sure to be unique and long lasting.


Paris Duffy
CEO & Founder

Paris is the founder and owner of the business. She is also the person who designs and creates all of the products by hand.

Robert Calin
IT Coordinator

Roberts Job is to uphold all of the technical side of CrochetedByParis such as the website, hosting, platform, emails, payment methods etc.


Are Returns Accepted?

Refunds and returns will be valid for 7 days after arrival of your item. If returning, the item must be in the same condition it was when you received it and must be unused. If I am not satisfied with the condition of the item upon return, you will not be refunded and the item with not be posted back to you. No postage costs will not be refunded for the postage to you or the return journey.

Custom orders may not be returned or refunded. This is because they were custom made especially for you. Before clicking purchase, please check your listing thoroughly and if you have any concerns or requests for changes, let them be known before purchasing the item, as once you have purchased it, it can not be returned.


Yes, CrochetedByParis are more than happy to try and accommodate custom orders. A customer order can range from anything to a change in colour, to a complete item that you have requested.

How long does it take for an order to be made?

Usually orders take around 1-2 weeks for production, however, the may be done quicker depending on how many orders there are to fulfill.